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Rotary Trimmers

All Around Trim with the

Advanced and Table-Edge Rotary Cutters

The ARC & TE rotary trimmers from Keencut are the only rotary trimmers with dual cutting wheels which assist in two-way cutting flexibility and guaranteed sharpness with tungsten steel blades. Geared towards sign makers, they are guaranteed to have a consistent cut over the entire length of the material with no bows or buckles in the middle.

The TE has the additional advantage of increasing the working area, enabling easy alignment and effortless one-handed trimming.

For added convenience and maximum flexibility, we offer the Keencut steel stand that includes a waste catch that collects off cuts into a neat catch basin as well as a roll feed bar positioned between the stand legs that enables users to cut directly from roll media.

For more information on the ARC & TE rotary trimmers read our brochure

Rotary Trimmers

Rotatrim Technical & PowerTech

The Rotatrim PowerTech from Keencut is a powered version of the Rotatrim Technical cutter that frees both hands and lessens operator fatigue with increased productivity. The trimmer is electrically driven by a long-lasting steel reinforced belt. It is ideal for cutting heavy materials with a maximum cut depth of 3 mm.

The Rotatrim Technical is similar to the PowerTech counterpart, but with an added triple roller mechanism to provide extreme downforce for cutting heavy materials. Sheffield tool steel blades are part of this product which provide enhanced durability under extreme operational loads. High chromium content makes these blades slow-wearing, even when cutting abrasive material.

To learn more about the Rotatrim Technical & PowerTech read our brochure here.

Rotary Trimmers

DigiTech+ and Professional Trimmers

The Rotatrim Digitech+ is a heavy-duty trimmer drawing on the design elements of its counterpart the Professional. It offers the same dynamic features as the Professional, in a very large format cutting up to 100" and uses identical self-sharpening, hand-finished tungsten steel blades for total precision cutting.

A strong 1 1/4" stainless steel guide rail provides cutting head stability with a single roller mechanism that results in lighter cutting action with a maximum cut depth of 3 mm.

Save time on clean up by getting a Rotatrim steel stand with a waste catcher that helps provide rigid support at the ideal working height of 34 inches.

For more information about DigiTech+ and Professional Trimmers read our brochure here.


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