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Foster Keencut
Precision Cutters

The World's Finest Cutting Machines

Foster Cutter

The Evolution E2 precision cutter combines all the features and functions wide format printers and sign-makers need. The Evolution-E2 features an extruded alloy cutting base and a high-performance double cutting head design that relies on long-lasting Graphik blades. These unique reversible blades cater to both left- and right-handed operators and cut materials up to 1/2″. The blades can also be set at different depths, allowing the first blade to score the material and the second blade to cut through it in a single pass. Also included is one medium-duty utility blade holder that accepts standard utility blades and cuts up to 3/8″ thick. Check out more of what the Evolution E2 has to offer here.

Want extra precision? Give the latest Evolution3 Smartfold a try; it can attach to your existing table or even the Evolution 2 Bench. The stainless steel slideway track and rollers on the QuikSwap tool heads provide a very strong and steady movement up and down the machine, with very little sideways motion that could misalign the cut.

For more information on the Evolution3 Smartfold view our brochure here.

Foster Cutter

The Sabre Series 2 is designed for use on a bench or attached to the optional stand. It can be moved and positioned alongside any wide-format printer. The stand is also available with an optional waste catcher and roll feed.
It accepts materials of varying thickness without affecting either the line of angle of cut.

In addition, a full length silicon rubber grip strip is mounted in the surface of the base with two more on the underside of the cutter bar ensuring all work is held perfectly in place while cutting.

Read more about the Sabre Series 2 in our brochure here.

Foster Cutter

The Simplex is lightweight, portable, and has an innovative design that offers exact accuracy for general purpose cutting of wide format materials up to 3.1mtrs wide.
With its use of utility knife blades it can cut PVC foam board, vinyl, woven fabrics, foam centered board, honeycomb and corrugated plastics, film, paper, and much more.

Discover what else the Simplex can provide in our brochure here.

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