Polar Inter Clear printable monomeric PVC film

Premium long-lasting graphics

Polar Inter is a premium printable monomeric PVC film with a pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive. Available in a gloss finish with clear permanent adhesive, Polar Inter maximises adhesive performance on a wide variety of substrates.

Polar Inter is outdoor durable for 3+ years when paired with Drytac’s Interlam laminating films and 4+ years when paired with Drytac Protac laminating films. Ideal for signage and general advertising applications, including POP displays, posters and exhibition graphics as well as medium-term indoor and outdoor graphics applications.

Perfectly flat printing surface

Polar Inter Clear is an 80μ (3.2 mil) gloss clear monomeric PVC film, coated on one side with a permanent, pressure sensitive clear solvent acrylic adhesive that is protected by a 1 side PE coated and the other a siliconised white kraft release liner. Suitable for interior and exterior use (up to 3 years).

Product specialist quote

“Polar Inter is hugely versatile and a great all-round solution to a broad array of applications that need to look good. The clear permanent adhesive provides a durable long term solution that can be removed after many years without leaving any residue.”

Polar Inter Clear printable monomeric PVC film

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