InstaCure UV Low Melt Toner Gloss

(2 Gallon Order Minimum)

InstaCure Low Melt Toner Clear is a semi flexible, 100% solids UV curable clear coat specially formulated for use on low melt, (polymerized) wax infused toner based inks and other ink technologies printed to non absorbent (coated) papers requiring protection from handling after printing.  The unique benefit of this coating is its ability to adhere to both pulverized (conventional) and polymerized (low energy eco) toners alike, the later with the use of infra red heat, giving it a broad range of  applications benefitting from the manufacture of lower energy consumptive inks, making this a greener technology overall.  InstaCure Low Melt Toner Clear is available in gloss and Satin (ICUV-LMTG or ICUV-LMTS)

InstaCure UV Low Melt Toner Gloss

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    Consumers, either B2B or B2C, have the right to cancel their orders, not including equipment or specialized orders requiring customization, made on line via this website up until the item has been shipped without the risk of any additional charges.  Once the order has been shipped, the item may be returned as long as the return has been authorized.  To obtain an Authorization Return Number, contact our customer service department at 855-258-8324.  Once the item has been shipped, the customer must refuse the shipment.  If the product has already been received, the product may be returned along with a properly completed Return Authorization Form.    A return fee of up to 10% will be assessed, in addition to any shipping charges that have or will occur as a result of the product being returned.   Open items received back will be tested.  Defective items will be credited based on prorated usage, including ground rate shipping charges.  Items opened/used not determined to be defective in quality or workmanship will be prorated for credit up to a maximum of 50%.  Items opened/used beyond 50% will not be credited for any reason

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