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Guardian AGIS (Silver Ion Slurry)

Guardian AGIS is an additive slurry containing Silver Ion Technology.   Guardian AGIS is a non-flammable milkish white liquid slurry used to modify typical UV Cure or Aqueous Clear Coats enabling them to achieve microbial efficacy to 99.96% when properly mixed into solution at the correct % load and blend speed.   


Guardian AGIS has NOT been registered with the EPA and is NOT being sold or marketed as an Anti-Microbial Coating, but an additive mixture that offers similar protective properties to any coating base when added/mixed at the suggested load rates and speeds.   


Because of its base neutral requirements, Guardian AGIS can be mixed with any liquid coating or paint system and achieve similar results.   


Compatible with both Aqueous and UV Curable Coatings


Yield - (1) pint of Guardian AGIS Slurry will yield up to 22 gallons of coating, depending on coating density per gallon.  


Shelf lift is indefinite, however we strongly recommend use of this product within one year from opening. Part #G-AGIS-1P is available in 1 pint or 1 gallon containers.

Guardian AGIS (Silver Ion Slurry)

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