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EPSON T3170X SP Turnkey System for Screen Printers

EPSON developed the T-series of printers for heavy-duty engineering and technical drawing production. The T-series are more robust than their other printers and will provide long years of use. The T3170X is also unique in that it is the first large format EPSON printer to incorporate the ET philosophy of cartridge-free printing. This 24-inch printer utilizes EPSON's latest printhead technology, the MicroTFP printheads. As most are aware, Graphics One was one of the first companies in the world to offer inks that were developed specifically for EPSON's MicroTFP print heads. With the launch of the T3170X, GO is again leading the market with a 24-inch film positive solution for screen printers.


  • EPSON T3170X SP Bundle for Screen Printers
  • The EPSON T3170X SP Bundle includes the following items: EPSON T3170X PrinterGO ScreenMate Color Separation Ink—three (3)
  • 140 ml bottlesGO ScreenMate Waterproof Film—24-inch by 100-foot roll

CADLink FilmMaker RIP—Screen Print Capabilities with In-RIP Color Separation


  • EPSON T3170X Specifications The specifications for the EPSON T3170X are:
  • New MicroTFP Printhead
  • Accepts rolls up to 24-inches in width and cut-sheet up to 11" x 17" by auto-feeder2400 x 1200 DPI Imaging
  • Large, intuitive 4.3" color LCD screen simplifies print tasks
  • A1/D-size prints printed as quick as 34 seconds
  • Easy setup in less than 30 minutes for immediate use
  • High LPI with CADLink RIP
  • Printer stand and take-up reel optionalGO ScreenMate Ink GO ScreenMate color sep aratio n in k o ffers up to a 5.0 dMax for dense screen imaging. In fact, up to 99.9% of all UV light is absorbed by our ScreenMate Ink.

The ink images halftone screen s and line art with clarity and proper density on ScreenMate Film and other similar films. Manufactured specifi ca lly for EPSON MicroTFP printheads in the U SA, this Ink is the perfect compani on to the EPSON T3170X


GO ScreenMate Film GO ScreenMate microporous w aterproof film was specially designed for screen printing appl icati ons. CADLink FilmMaker RIP CADLink's FIlmMaker RIP is the market leader for inkjet screen film production. Not only are all th e professional tools available for film positives, but the a bility to do color separati ons w ithi n the RIP is standard and not an added expense. CADLink drives the T3170X directly in a native format, which means the RIP can take advantage of the full capabilities of the printer. The resul ts a re th e T3170X can achieve a much higher LPI than competitive products. Com pe tition The main competition for the T3170X Screen Print system is the T3270 System, with a list price of $3,495. This System uses the AccuRIP Windows GDI driver and does not include the ability to do color separations. Additionally, be cause the printer is not being driven in a native format, the printer is limited to imaging 65 LPI or less. The Ink provided with the System is EPSON's XD pigment ink. At $3,195, the T3170X System is less expensive and offers superior performance as compared to the T3270 System. Sy stem List Price The List Price for the T3170X Screen Print system is $3,195 and includes three (3) 140 ml bottles of ScreenMate Ink, one (1) roll of 24" x 100' roll of ScreenMate Film and the CADLink FilmMaker RIP. The optional stand has a list price of $249, and the 24-inch roll feed spindle is $99.


The consumables list pricing for the T3170x System is as follows: 140 ml ScreenMate Ink--$45 each, 24" x 100' ScreenMate Microporous Film--$9



EPSON T3170X SP Turnkey System for Screen Printers

SKU: ET3170X
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