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ALM Gloss Film

ASAP films are designed to bond to the hard to adhere to toner based digital prints. On Demand Digital Printing utilizes toner based print engines which contain fuser oils and glycol. These additives create a surface which conventional copolymer films have a difficult time sticking to. ASAP adhesive is a specialized adhesive layer designed to bond to these difficult toner surfaces. ASAP stands for Always Sticks, All Prints meaning this film can be used for any printed sheet whether it is a difficult toner surface or conventional offset printing. Typical running temperatures range from 210 – 270 degrees with the most common set point around 240 degrees F.

Film for ALM3220/ALM3222/ALM3230 with ASAP Adhesive Technology Thermal Laminating FilmsDesigned and developed for On Demand Digital prints• Our ASAP (Always Sticks to All Prints) adhesive is a major technological breakthroughSuperior adhesion to Xerox®, Canon® and most other hard to stick toner-based and digital prints

ALM Gloss Film

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