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Foster On-A-Roll Lifters

Need a Lift?

On-A-Roll Lifters can help!

A Foster On-A-Roll Lifter is a must-have tool for any shop that handles rolls of print media or other material.
Our lifters help out in a variety of ways and can accommodate virtually every printer available. Nylon safety straps are used to enable one operator to move even the heaviest of media rolls. An easy-to-use foot pump allows users to raise the material for transport with minimal effort; ensuring that any large and heavy media rolls are handled quickly and easily.

Our Standard Models are designed specifically for sign makers and other businesses with the need to handle wide or heavy media rolls up to 660 lbs and as wide as 16 feet 5 inches. For limited space or high bay storage requirements we recommend the Hi-Rise or Compact lifters that are part of this model series.

Other additional On-A-Roll Lifters are available, such as the Universal, Low Profile, Power Jumbo, Grande, and Spinner models. View our brochure here to see which lifter suits your professional needs!

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