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Crease/Perforation/Score/Fold Technology

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Crease/Perforation/Score/Fold Technology

The FC114ASP can handle high quality numbering, creasing, rotary, and strike perforating all-in-one.    With a reliable bottom vacuum-feed system, the FC114 delivers accurate CAM actuated compression creases in two widths, both perf and scoring plus pneumatic numbering up to 24 times virtually anywhere on the sheet.


It's compact, easy to use, and highly versatile, including one-touch set-ups.    Additional machines in this series are the FC114, and FC114A.

The Dyna-Cut from Martin Yale is an affordable rotary die cutter system that produces quality pieces from custom flexible dies.

It can produce a variety of digital print and packaging products such as custom-shaped brochures and direct mailers, invitations, retail packages, labels, greeting cards, and folded boxes. All at a speed of up to 6,000 cycles per hour this machine can produce not only single and multiple-up pieces, but a variety of paper stocks up to 14"x20".


Perforating, Scoring, and More

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